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Life Protection

Saving lives on the frontline

Our record-breaking Dyneema® material helps make the protective vests, helmets and vehicles that protect the world’s armed forces, law enforcement professionals – and citizens. We’re also protecting lives indirectly (through airbags for example).

北京快3线路 There’s a different kind of arms race going on in the world today: The race to develop protective products that stand up to emerging threats and ultimately save the lives of human beings…while also giving the wearer maximum freedom, flexibility and comfort.

Personal protection

It’s why our customers are increasingly turning to Dyneema. This remarkable material is 15 times stronger than steel yet weighs far less. It floats. It’s highly flexible. All of which makes it perfect for use in equipment for anyone on the frontline and in harm’s way.

Personal protection

People in the frontline need to be protected. But they also need to be able to do their job effectively. Dyneema contributes to body armor that’s lighter and more flexible– with absolutely no compromise on the level of protection. It’s lighter and more protective

Body armor made with Dyneema can be made lighter without compromising stopping power; and reducing the insert weight, then allows for protection in other critical body areas without exceeding the accepted weight allowance.

Helmets & vests

Dyneema  is used by armed forces and the police in ballistic vests to protect against handgun ammunition, fragments and knives. For more serious threats we’ve also developed a range of Hard Ballistic (HB) solutions used in helmets and vests that helps protect against rifles and high-speed fragments.

Lightweight helmets made with Dyneema don’t just bring similar mobility and comfort to the wearer. They even allow for extra equipment to be added (communication, surveillance, etc), without getting too bulky.

Vehicle protection

Vehicle protection

We’ve entered a new era of vehicle protection in the military. Increasingly challenging and volatile environments call for agile teams with small logistical footprints, able to operate quickly, effectively - and safely.

Our Dyneema HB material is used in vehicle panels for protection against heavier and more lethal threats like high-speed fragments (from improvised explosive devices, for example) as well as high-caliber rifle threats.

What it means for crews on the ground is lighter, more flexible armor that makes vehicles less prone to ‘roll overs’ – but which also provides maximum protection against various heavy-duty threats.

Civilian protection

Our contribution to life protection isn’t limited to ‘the professionals’. Civilians worldwide - from VIPs to regular people – are using vests, vehicles and even airplanes with Dyneema inside (Dyneema is used in cockpit doors to reinforce them against intruders).

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