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Manufacturing & Equipment

We’re making it better

As a global manufacturer ourselves, we know first-hand the need for higher quality, safer, more sustainable, and preferably cost-saving materials in industrial manufacturing and equipment. Our advanced materials help the world’s manufacturers produce better products.
Industrial strength coatings

Industrial strength coatings

北京快3线路 DSM’s liquid and powder resins are used in protective coatings for everything from components to complex manufacturing lines. Our general industry coatings therefore cover a broad range of different substrates and performance requirements and offer the coating formulator resins that provide protection in all kind of environments from almost all forms of corrosion, chemical resistance, wear and weathering. Our coating resins provide industrial-strength resistance to a wide range of harsh environments and industrial grade oils and fats.

As our customers increasingly look to us to help decrease their environmental impact, we’re helping to redefine the industry through waterborne and powder-coated resins that are superior to traditional solventborne resins.

Making better mechanical parts

Making better mechanical parts

As we continue to develop new and better engineering plastics, we are helping our customers develop mechanical parts that are higher quality, safer, more sustainable, and more cost-efficient. DSM’s high performance plastics are increasingly used in a broad range of mechanical parts that are lighter, stronger, more flexible, and more recyclable than parts made from traditional materials such as metal.

Our material grades are proven effective in a wide range of applications from valves and pumps to gears and cable ties and from industrial pipes to hoses.

Part design and prototyping

Part design and prototyping

Meanwhile, our Additive Manufacturing materials are used in rapid 3D printed tooling; designing and engineering the tools that are necessary to manufacture parts or components and in investment casting; an ideal process to cast metal parts when the final design of the part is still undergoing changes or when relatively low numbers are needed.

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