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Brighter Living Solutions Methodology

How we measure

What you cannot measure, you cannot prove. Metrics are needed to evaluate the environmental or social impact of solutions, which allows our product developers and marketeers to spot and articulate differentiators, mitigate possible risks and steer product innovation towards greater sustainability performance.
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Qualifications based on a life cycle approach

北京快3线路 To qualify as a ‘Brighter Living Solution’ we apply product life cycle approach to determine environmental and social impacts along the value chain. With a product life cycle approach the environmental impacts are evaluated along the product life cycle, which can be from raw material extraction, via production, manufacturing, transport and use, all the way to end of life and recycling. Environmental and social differentiators can be created at all stages of the product life cycle.

The environmental or social impact of solution product or service is compared with the impact of its ‘mainstream reference solution’ applying Comparative Eco Life Cycle Assessments, Comparative People LCAs or supported by expert opinions by business manager, relevant internal experts, and reviewed by the LCA expert.

The ‘mainstream reference solution’ is the main alternative product, service or technology in the market as defined in our marketing strategy. The marketing approach focusses on the context of the market segment in which the product is, or will be, positioned. It can be the same product, a different solution fulfilling the same function, another supplier or DSM or or the situation that customers do not use the  product, service or technology.

In some circumstances, where a single ‘mainstream reference solution’ cannot be selected because of a lack of market or labelling transparency, a selection of multiple comparable equivalents may be chosen.

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